Our Research team works on problems of  Industrial Relevance. Though they do not work on industry project directly, they develop fundamentals CFD models or Process models for industrial processes. 

NameYearThesis Title
Anand Chavan2020Solar Drying : Modeling and Equipment Design
Chaitanya Moholkar2022Cavitation Modeling
Pulkit kumar2022
Pruthviraj Nimalipuri2022Numerical Simulation for Quantitative Risk Assessment of Domino Effect Caused by Thermal Radiation of Pool Fire in Industries
Sumit Hazare2023Application of computational fluid dynamics & machine learning methods for the estimation of design parameters & scale-up of the stirred tanks and bubble columns
Sumit Joshi2023Application of Machine learning (AI) for the estimation of design parameters and prediction of multiphase reactor performance
Vasujeet Singh

NameYearThesis Title
Aniket ShewaleCFD Modeling of Tangential Fired Furnace
Venkat KotiCFD Modeling of Tangential Fired Furnace
Bhargava SaikiaCFD Modeling of liquid Jet combustion
Ajay PawarCFD Modeling of Fluidized beds
Priyansh GargCFD Modeling of Li-ion battery
Suyog KatkarCFD Modeling of Blast Furnace
Mohit TanejaCFD modeling of Stirred tanks using OpenFoam
Survesh MohiteCFD Modeling and Validation of Combustion Process
Uday DeoreCFD Modeling of Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen combustion
Pushparaj BobdeCFD Modeling of Pressure drop in blast Furnace
DebJyoti AdakCFD Modeling of Fluidized beds
Ankur Kumar SinghJet Fire Modeling: Development of CFD Methodology
Shrinivas MuddaCFD Modeling and Validation of solid fuel combustion
Shubham KinikarCFD Design of Cement Calciner for NOx Reduction
Madhura Kulkarni2019CFD Design of Cyclone Separators using OpenFoam
Shital Mone2019CFD Design of Cement Calciner
Utkarsha Malshe2018CFD Design of Spray Driers
Justin K George2017CFD Design of Stirred Tank Reactors
Kalyani Mishra2017CFD Design of Spray Drier
Kiran Chavan2017CFD Design of Crystallizers
Shital Zhope2017CFD Design of Cyclone Separators