Profitability in Process and Chemical Industry


The profitability of the process industry lies in increasing production and energy efficiency, reducing production costs and consistently meeting quality standards. Enhancing equipment life, reducing recycle, rejects and safe operations contribute very strongly to the profitability. The extent of reactions, yield, selectivity depends on kinetics, design and controlling optimal process parameters.


Chemical Process Industry is a very wide segment covering industrial specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, plastics, paints, food, agriculture. These process are complex as it involves huge variations in terms of single phase, multiphase flows (gas-liquid, liquid -solid, gas-liquid-solid), with or without chemical reactions. 

Some typical reactors that can be quickly listed are, Stirred tanks, Bubble Columns, Spray Drier, Fluidized beds, Packed beds, Extraction columns, Distillation Columns, Separators, Static Mixers, Shell and Tube heat exchanger, Evaporators, Flocculators, etc

The reasons for inefficient process and equipment performance can be dues to multiple reasons. Based on our experience, few typical reasons can be listed as follows.

  • Improper Equipment design
  • Wrong equipment selection
  • Improper Scale-up
  • Solid settling/improper suspension/floating
  • Poor gas dispersion
  • Poor heat transfer
  • variability in operating conditions
  • Improper mixing due to wrong choice of incorrect design of internals
  • Thermal non homogeneity

FluiDimensions: Solution Partner

We have strong experience of solving the practical problems in the industry. We create digital twins of the process and equipment based on our expertise in process understanding, strong experience of modeling complex physics and chemistry in the process and the equipment. The digital twins can then be applied to provide design solutions, reliable scale-up, determining optimal operating conditions, evaluating equipment designs. The digital twins can be used to for analyzing what if scenarios, evaluating internals, injection locations etc.

Computational Fluid dynamics is very commonly used to Design chemical reactors and Debottleneck the performance of existing equipment.  It is the most fundamental modeling approach that solves the transport equations for basic governing laws of Mass, Momentum and Heat transfer that gives spatial and temporal distribution of Velocity, Temperature and Species.  

We have solved process and equipment performance issues for multiple process industries in India and abroad. We work with several leading equipment manufacturers to improve, optimize and validate their equipment designs. We are associated with process consultants to deliver the value to the process industry.


We have developed our strategic methodology based on our experience in the process industry. we understand the process and equipment operations, analyze process and quality data over a period of time, perform on-sight measurements and verify drawings.

With these inputs and our expertise in CFD and process modeling, we develop suitable models using industry standard tools. The precise objective statements help us to develop our solution strategy and deliver meaningful solution in estimated time period. We partner in the implementation process and deliver the value in terms of enhanced efficiency, quality and productivity.