We have around 20 years of experience of providing optimal design solutions and operating conditions for a wide range of industrial sectors 

  • Design of single phase and multiphase reactors like Stirred  tank, bubble columns for effective mixing, uniform gas dispersion, uniform solid suspension, thermal uniformity, uniform mixing, reduce power consumption
  • Reactor Scaleup and Scale down
  • Optimize internals like sparger, dip tube, coils for higher performance, reduction in batch time, steam consumption reduction
  • Design and evaluate Heat Exchangers, Polymerization reactors, Spray drier, Static mixers, Flue gas Desulphurization units, Fluidized bed reactors, Electrolytic Cells to get higher yield, better conversion, consistent quality
  • Design and Debottleneck Bioreactors, Fermenters for higher gas holdup, CO2 Stripping, uniform mixing, thermal homogeneity,  pH uniformity, longer cell life
  • Evaluate Crystallizer Performance and determine the optimal conditions to obtain uniform crystal size distribution.
  • Choose right reactor from the available reactors for the given product to achieve the desired quality
  • Understand and develop Scaleup and Scale down strategies for effective product development process
  • Design mixing tanks and optimize impeller locations, types, speed, dip tube locations. 
  • Predict Residence time distribution, mixing time in the reactors
  • Evaluate designs of reactors for flow chemistry to meet your requirements before procurement
  • Evaluate and bottleneck drier designs for particle drying 
  • Develop and design particle coating systems, optimize spray locations, flow rates for effective coating.  

Design Batch reactors, impeller designs, feeding systems, for proper mixing and homogenization

Design heating system and control for thermal homogenization



Improve paint viscosity consistency and flowability by proper homogenization 

  • Evaluate SEN design to reduce mold level fluctuations
  • Increase  availability of Blast furnace hearth to by reduction in refractory erosion
  • Reduction of metal loss during ladle teeming operation
  • Analyze the effect of number, location and design of porous plugs on mixing and reduce localized oxidation, and emulsion formation in Basic oxygen furnace
  • Improve thermal homogenity and Predict of slag eye, spout in argon stirred ladle
  • Reduce Low yield levels in the Tundish when draining the tundish at the end of a sequence due to slag entrainment and vortex formation

Design and Evaluate materials for packaging for food product

Spray Drier Design for improved powder particle size distribution, lower moisture content and quality parameter

Improve Energy efficiency of continuous tray driers  

  • Predict Drag on the outer surface of the vehicle ( external flow aerodynamics)
  • Simulate and optimize air flow in car, aero plane cabins. 
  • Analyze thermal performance of EV Li-ion battery box. Predict thermal runaway. Design efficient cooling systems 
  • Evaluate the Design performance of two phase and three phase separators under different operating conditions
  • Enhance the performance of storage tanks with submerged rotating jets  to get uniform mixing, without sludge settling issues
  • Improve the performance of Catalyst Roaster and Cooler
  • Enhance the collection efficiency and pressure drop in Cyclone Separator. Study the effect of design variables like dip tube diameter, dip tube height, inlet size, cone angle, cylindrical height etc.  
  • Predict the flame shape and structure in Kiln. Solve the issues like hot spot on kiln shell. Optimize axial, radial and swirl air quantities for lower CO and better flame, heat transfer.
  • Improve the calcination efficiency of the Calciner. Enhance coal combustion. Determine optimal location for meal feed and coal feed for better calcination and fuel combustion, reduced NOx 
  • Analyze flow in Bag House and suggest design changes to reduce bag damage, reduce pressure drop, dust carryover. 
  • Improve the collection efficiency of Electro Static Precipitator by straightening the flow using suitable design changes.  
  • Reduce the pressure drop and erosion issues in the Duct Network. Improve the life of the pipes.
  • Protect your investment and Evaluate different Burner Designs and ensure the performance.  
  • Eliminate the design bottlenecks in VRM, reduce pressure drop, improve particle size distribution and separation efficiency 

Please visit our Case studies section to get an idea of our capability and experience of modeling of different equipment.