Cyclone Design

Cyclone design to improve collection efficiency

Cement Calciner

Redesign Cement Calciner and optimize Raw Meal Feed Split and location, Tertiary air duct split

Burner Design Analysis for Solid fuels

Burner Design for Liquid Fuels

Burner Design

Burner Design Analysis for Gaseous Fuel

Validation of Coal Combustion Model

Modeling of Coal Combustion process is very complex and involves expertise in selecting appropriate turbulence model, combustion model, combustion kinetics, choice of domain, specifying right boundary conditions, physical and chemical properties, effect of mesh size, etc.

Performance enhancement of Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic precipitator are used to arrest fine particulate matter which could not be seperated by cyclones or Bag filters.

Stirred Tank Reactor

Stirred tank reactors are most widely used in chemical process industry for different applications that needs effective mixing, blending, solid suspension, catalyst homogenity, gas dispersion etc.

Bag Filter

Bag Filters are used to finer particulate matter from the gases. Typical issue faced during the operations include damage of few bags leading to loss of separation efficiency.

Reduction of Pressure Drop in Duct layouts