A lot of manufacturing processes are automated now and does not really need any human intervention. Likewise, for many applications, the complete CFD process: geometry creation, meshing, physics setup, solving, post processing can be automated. The advantages of the CFD process automation are many:

  1. Avoids Mistakes
  2. Consistent Quality
  3. Faster output
  4. Skilled Modelers can focus on more complex problems

If we look carefully, the performance improvement options are limited and our thought process for modifications has a pattern. Converting human thought process into Automated process thus becomes possible. Automation happens to be perfect solution in this situation.    

FluiDimensions has skills and experience to automate the CFD process and also the domain knowledge to automate the debottlenecking process. We have automated the complete CFD design process. We took it one step forward and put the complex CFD process in the background and enabled process engineer (without any knowledge of CFD and CFD software) to improve equipment performance. 

If you wish to automate your simulation and solution process, we will be happy to share our experience and expertise with you. Please contact us and we will he happy to help!